Pre-1980 eruptive history of Mount St. Helens, Washington

TitlePre-1980 eruptive history of Mount St. Helens, Washington
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsClynne MA, Ramsey DW, Wolfe EW
Series TitleUSGS Fact Sheet
InstitutionU.S. Geological Survey, David A. Johnston Cascades Volcano Observatory

Mount St. Helens, famous for its explosive 1980 eruption, has long been the most active volcano in the Pacific Northwest. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists have documented the volcano's 300,000- year geologic history, including powerful explosions of ash, outpourings of lava, and huge landslides and volcanic mudflows. Understanding this history helps USGS scientists evaluate current activity at Mount St. Helens so that timely warnings of hazards can be issued to the public.