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The Glaciers of the American West web site and its content comes from the Departments of Geology and Geography at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon based on funding from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the US Geological Survey. Much of the actual work has taken place in the SUB-basement of Cramer Hall. Participants in this project follow below.

Group Web Site

Andrew G. Fountain
Percy (like Cher or Sting)
Hassan Basagic
  • Homepage
  • Research Assistant, b. New York.
  • Expertise: Sierra Nevada, CA, Repeat Photography
  • On project: 2003 - present
Charles Cannon
  • Undergraduate, b. New Hampshire
  • Expertise: Idaho
  • On project: 2008-Present
Chad Delaney
  • Graduate student, b. Oregon
  • Expertise: GIS, 100K maps
  • On project: 2003 - 2004
Mark DeVisser
  • Graduate Student, b. Michigan
  • Expertise: Wind River Range, WY
  • On project: 2006-2007
Amy Ebnet
  • Graduate student, b.Minnesota
  • Expertise: 1:24K maps
  • On project, 2003 - 2004
Matt Hoffman
  • Graduate student, b. Illinois
  • Expertise: Colorado
  • On project, 2004 - 2011
Keith Jackson
  • Homepage
  • Graduate student, b. Ohio.
  • Expertise: Mt. Hood, OR
  • On project: 2003-2007 
Thomas Nylen
  • Research Assistant, b. Maryland
  • Expertise: Mt. Rainier, WA
  • On project: 2003-2005
Danielle Sitts
  • Undergraduate, b. Oregon
  • Expertise: Mt. Adams, WA
  • On project: 2006-2009
Kristina Dick
  • Graduate Student, b. Toronto, Ontario
  • Expertise: North Cascades
  • On project: 2008-Present
Steve Wilson
  • Graduate Student, b. Portland, Oregon
  • Expertise: Olympics
  • On project: 2009-2011

Under appreciated day laborers:

Kat Armstrong

Jon Ebnet

Frank Granshaw

Jessica Leonard

Peter Sniffen


Special Thanks:

Academic & Research Computing for the design and creation of our new website.