Paradise debris flow at Mount Rainier, Washington

TitleParadise debris flow at Mount Rainier, Washington
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsCrandell DR
JournalUS Geological Survey Professional Paper
ISBN Number(print) 1044-9612
Accession Number1963-006350
Keywords23 Geomorphology, Cascade Range, geomorphology, landslides, mass movements, Mount Rainier, origin, Paradise debris flow, Pierce County Washington, United States, USGS, Washington

The Paradise debris flow blankets the Paradise Park area on the S. flank of Mount Rainier. It is roughly correlative in age with the 4800-year old Osceola Mudflow on the NE. flank of the volcano; both probably originated as debris avalanches from a former summit of Mount Rainier volcano.

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