Distribution and variations of glaciers in the United States exclusive of Alaska

TitleDistribution and variations of glaciers in the United States exclusive of Alaska
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsMeier MF
JournalInternational Association of Scientific Hydrology
Accession Number1963-008016
Keywords1956 59, 24 Quaternary geology, distribution and variations, Glacial Geology, Glaciers, United States, western

A cooperative program of investigations of the distribution of existing glaciers in the United States S. of Alaska and the variations of these glaciers was instituted during the International Geophysical Year. Approximately 1000 glaciers were found to exist; 77% of the glacier area occurs in the state of Washington. The total glacierized area is 513 km (super 2) . Quantitative data on surface rise, advance of terminus, gross accumulation, late summer ablation rate, and measure precipitation were obtained for 7 glaciers, and qualitative data were obtained on the condition of many other glaciers. These data indicate that during 1957 glaciers were generally thickening and advancing in Washington and perhaps in Oregon, were thinning slightly in Montana, and were retreating in California. The summer of 1958 was one of exceptional ablation and caused a marked volume reduction in all glaciers measured as well as a decrease in the numbers of glaciers advancing. The 1958-1959 budget year was slightly favorable for the growth of glaciers, but there is no indication that a cycle of advancing glaciers has resumed.