Annual balance and climatic sensitivity of North Cascade, Washington glaciers

TitleAnnual balance and climatic sensitivity of North Cascade, Washington glaciers
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1990
AuthorsPelto MS
Conference NameAnnual Meeting of the Eastern Snow Conference (47th)
PublisherFt. Belvoir Defense Technical Information Center
Conference LocationBangor, Maine

Partial contents: Air temperature variation over snow-covered terrain; Numerical investigation of border ice failure; Microscopic observations of snow deformation; What makes a good snow fence? Results from 12 years of testing; Ice detector measurements of atmospheric icing on a cable; Snowmelt runoff modeling using GIS parameter estimation in a Western Adirondack watershed; Monitoring the snow water equivalent using synthetic aperture radar; Operational airborne and satellite snow cover products of the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center; Developments in snow-chemistry research in the Western United States; Prototype physically-based model for prediction of the spatial distribution of snowcover; Objective guidance for 1- and 2-Day mesoscale forecasts of lake-effect snow; Effects of heavy snowfall during December 1989 in the Lake Erie Snowbelt; Comparison of Great Lakes winter severity and ice cover -- Winter 1990 vs. the historical record; Use of aeration to prevent ice buildup at gaging station controls; Restigouche river ice project; Lake Ontario Winter Storms (LOWS) project; Regional snowfall intensity and the Great Lakes anomaly; Annual balance of North Cascade, Washington glaciers predicted from climatic records.